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About These Workshops

This series of workshops stem from a broader discussion of the future of the British Crew Agreements and Official Logs in archives in Britain and at the Maritime History Archive.

A massive collection spanning over 100 years, the Crew Agreements and Logs are extremely dense documents of quantitative and qualitative information that is vital to a wide range of scholars, most commonly maritime historians and family history researchers. This series of workshops, however, shows the changing nature of maritime history to encompass a wide-array of scholarship that no longer fits within the former confines of the field. The vast uses of Crew Agreements and Logs as emblematic of this and are significant sources of social and cultural history that become increasingly viable as digitization and transcription projects give greater access to their contents.



Thank you to all the wonderful speakers who agreed to discuss their research and work during our workshops and for our amazing audience who ask insightful questions and attend from all over the world.

A special thanks to David Bradley and the staff at the Maritime History Archive for their time and patience.

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