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Unsettling Orthodoxies in Merchant Seafaring History (Post-1750)

Fall 2023 Schedule

Meet & Greet

19 September, 2023

Re-thinking sailortown

17 October, 2023

Materialism Re-made

21 November, 2023

Winter 2024 Schedule

Historicising beyond Seafaring’s Routinely-Generated Sources: the Claims of Fiction and of Song on the Historian’s Attention

10 January, 2024

Poor Relations: Re-thinking the Marginalization of Whaling and the Indigeneity of its Labour

13 February, 2024

Archiving Change and Changing the Archive: Resources and the Fisheries of Northeast Canada and the US

March 12, 2024

Outsiders Looking in, or Insiders on the Outsider: The themes that animate maritime history for me

April 9, 2024

Meetings were hosted by the Maritime History Archive, Memorial University of Newfoundland, via Webex and were not recorded.

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